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When to Visit and Not to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent care clinics offer vital medical services to anyone who needs immediate medical assistance for non-life-threatening diseases or injuries. Understanding when it is suitable to attend urgent care clinic and when it is not is essential to efficient and successful healthcare utilization.

Urgent care clinics serve as a link between primary care physicians and emergency rooms. Here are some examples of when you should go to an urgent care center in Maryland:

  • Urgent care clinics are ideal for treating non-life-threatening conditions like sprains, minor fractures, minor burns, infections, and flu-like symptoms.
  • Routine medical services: Because urgent care clinics frequently include treatments such as immunizations, and physical examinations they are an excellent alternative for preventative care.
  • When primary care practitioners are unavailable, such as on weekends or holidays, urgent care clinics provide accessible medical care without the high wait periods associated with emergency departments

While urgent care clinics can be useful for a variety of medical needs, in many circumstances, another approach is necessary. Moreover, visiting an urgent care clinic may not be necessary such as signs of stroke, chest pain, severe allergic reaction, seizures or unconsciousness, and a car accident or a high fall.

A true emergency occurs when an illness or accident jeopardizes your or your child’s health or life and care cannot be postponed. In these cases, dial 911 or proceed to the nearest medical room right away.

While urgent care clinics such as Clinton Medical and Urgent Care Llc are great for minor injuries and illnesses, it is critical to understand the restrictions and seek alternative care for life-threatening emergencies, chronic ailments, and major procedures.

When it comes to your healthcare in Clinton, Maryland, you can trust us!

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