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Mission Statement

Our mission is to fill in the gaps in urgent care by providing our patients with prompt and patient-centered medical services efficiently. With effective delivery of care, our patients can achieve overall wellness and reduce unwanted healthcare costs.

Our medical services in Clinton, Maryland, are committed to providing exceptional care to our patients. Our experienced medical staff helps our patients achieve health and wellness through a wide range of medical treatments and wellness checks. Whether you are dealing with a common cold or severe health conditions, our clinic is here to get you on the right road to recovery. You and your family are our priority, and we believe you deserve quality care.

We opened our clinic to provide you with convenient, cost-effective, and quality healthcare services. Our staff specializes in treating non-life-threatening health issues you may face. From cold, flu, sinus infection, bronchitis, dehydration, and rashes to sprains, we will treat your health concern effectively, with no appointment needed.

Conditions we Treat

Abscesses Allergies Animal Bites Asthma attacks Bronchitis Minor Burn care Colds and flu Coughs Dehydration Diarrhea Ear infections and earaches Ear wax removal Flu Foreign bodies Fractures Gastrointestinal ailments Gynecological issues Headaches Insect bites Lacerations Medication Refill Pink eye Pneumonia Rashes and skin infections Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) Sinusitis and sinus infections Sore throats Sports injury Sprains Strep throat Suture Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Test: Rapid Flu Testing, Mono Testing, Strep Testing, Pregnancy testing, TB Testing, EKG testing.

Come and visit our clinic and talk to our friendly staff for more details. You may also leave a message through our contact form.