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Is Sleep Deprivation Affecting Your Health?


Sleeping is an essential part of life. It is when we rest and recharge, allowing us to be our best selves during waking hours. But did you know that sleeping enough can positively affect your mood, memory, and weight?

Here are some of the ways that lack of sleep can affect your health:

  • Mood
    Sleep deprivation can lead to depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental illnesses. Those dealing with insomnia are at higher risk for developing depression than those who get enough sleep. Insomnia also contributes to other mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder.
  • Memory
    Not getting enough sleep can negatively affect your memory. People who sleep for less than six hours per night experience cognitive impairment similar to someone with early Alzheimer’s disease. Also, getting less than six hours of sleep leads to slower reaction times which may increase the risk of accidents while driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • Weight gain/loss
    Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain/loss by affecting hormones controlling metabolism. It also increases your appetite, which may cause overeating or binge eating at night.

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