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HRA for Improved Health and Wellness

HRA for Improved Health and Wellness

Normally, people who are well don’t need a doctor or any kind of health care professional since they do not experience any health issues. However, people become too complacent and unmindful that they take their health for granted through excessive drinking, frequent smoking, and bad eating habits. Clinton Medical and Urgent Care Llc foresee possible problems in the future for people with this mindset by providing a reliable health risk assessment as part of their medical services.

  • Better Health Outcomes
    A health risk assessment (HRA) or health risk appraisal is a means to collect, evaluate, and plan a wellness program to achieve better health outcomes. Due to this instrument or tool, health care providers can help clients live longer and purposeful lives by identifying habits that are critical to the health and finding solutions to mitigate and prevent the onset of the disease. Furthermore, our urgent care center in Clinton, Maryland, helps predict possible healthcare costs on the acquisition of the disease.
  • Formulate Health Strategy
    Unhealthy habits and decisions we make while we were younger, most of the time, cause pain and suffering at old age. Having HRA can help prevent and curtail the development of a disease. Our healthcare in Maryland can provide the right strategies based on your responses to our assessment. It includes action plans that aim to prevent diseases and reduce health-related costs.

Make a healthy decision now by seeking health risk assessment to identify ways to live healthy lives. Our clinic in Clinton, Maryland, are more than willing to cater to your needs. You may also call us at 240-595-2519 for any inquiries about HRA. Start living healthy lives by changing your unhealthy lifestyle and your perception of health.

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