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Health Risk Assessment: Why Is It Important?

Health Risk Assessment: Why Is It Important?

A health risk assessment (HRA) is a widely used screening tool that entails a health questionnaire to evaluate an individual’s health risks and overall quality of life. Also called a health risk appraisal, HRAs are essential to ensure one’s health and safety from diseases and various health complications. Hence, here are the reasons why having an HRA is important:

  • Prevention is better than cure.

    Prevention is one of the primary reasons why HRAs are conducted. Medical services that provide HRAs can uncover health risks that are linked to medical issues that may arise down the road. Moreover, establishing prevention strategies can prevent unnecessary pain and medical costs in the future.

  • Defines a person’s current health status.

    One benefit of HRAs is its ability to provide the physician and patient with a snapshot of their current health. Seeking healthcare in Maryland can be made easier by having a clearer picture of your risk factors for certain diseases. More than that, being aware of your current health can jumpstart a healthier lifestyle, too.

  • Save costs and reduce incidents.

    Conducting a health risk appraisal, particularly in the workplace, can significantly save expenses in the long run. Instead of rushing to an urgent care clinic for treatment, employees can reduce their chances of becoming ill, thereby reducing incidents in the workplace. By being more proactive instead of reactive, one can reduce costs and protect their health, as well.

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