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Gonorrhea Infections: Rising Health Concern


Sexually transmitted infections are a risk to public health. While it is normal and healthy to engage in consensual sexual activities, one must practice protected sex. Our urgent care center in Maryland encourages everyone to practice safe sex to avoid detrimental sexually transmitted infections, such as gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea is a very common sexually transmitted infection. You can receive treatment for gonorrhea through medical services in Clinton, Maryland. However, it is not easy to treat gonorrhea, as it has become a rising public health concern due to its characteristics.

The bacteria responsible for gonorrhea has a characteristic of developing antibiotic resistance. Back in the day, gonorrhea was treated successfully by using oral antibiotics, such as fluoroquinolones. Sadly, the bacteria has developed resistance to several accessible antibiotics, therefore limiting possible medical treatments. Up to date, the recommended antibiotic to use against gonococcal infections is ceftriaxone, a cephalosporin antibiotic. However, there are also documented cases where gonorrhea starts to develop resistance against cephalosporins.

In addition, gonococcal infections are one of the STIs that may not exhibit symptoms at all. Discharge can be a common symptom, but it may not always show up in affected individuals, including those with oral gonococcal infections. As a result, affected individuals will not seek treatment, and in some cases, the infection will be complicated.

Thankfully, there are several ways to avoid getting gonorrhea from having sex: get tested for gonorrhea regularly and practice safe sex. It is your responsibility to practice healthy ways of engaging in infection-free sexual activities and prioritize your sexual health with our healthcare in Maryland

Are you looking for a clinic that offers STD testing and treatment? If yes, contact us at Clinton Medical and Urgent Care Llc. Seek immediate treatment for sexually transmitted infections to avoid complications and health concerns.


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