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First Aid: Treating Wounds at Home


Administering first aid for wounds at home is an essential skill that can help prevent infections and promote healing. It will also help you get things under control before getting medical treatments for your injury.

We offer healthcare in Maryland, and here is an essential guide for providing first aid for common wounds at home:

  • Always Wash Your Hands

    To reduce the risk of infections, you must always wash your hands thoroughly before attending to a wound. You should wash your hands with soap and water every time you handle any wound.

  • Assess the Situation

    Before handling a wound, assess the situation around yourself or the injured person. Identify and remove any possible hazards that may cause further injury or complication. Evaluating the problem will also help you determine whether or not you or the injured person needs to visit an urgent care clinic.

  • Clean the Wound and Control the Bleeding

    Rinse the wound gently with cool, running water to remove dirt and debris; avoid using harsh soaps because they can damage tissue. After cleaning, apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth or sterile dressing to control the bleeding before applying a bandage. When you have everything under control, consider visiting a care center like our urgent care center in Maryland for further medical treatment.

For high-quality medical services in Clinton, Maryland, feel free to call Clinton Medical and Urgent Care Llc at 301-396-2024. Our medical services in Clinton, Maryland, strive to make health care more convenient for you, improve health outcomes, and address medical concerns.


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