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Effective Tips for Managing Hypertension


Hypertension or high blood pressure occurs when your blood pressure is higher than normal. When left unmanaged, hypertension can lead to heart disease, kidney problems, and eye problems. Hence, seeking medical services is crucial to learn how to manage hypertension. In addition to medications that treat high blood pressure, there are lifestyle changes you can make as well.

As a leading provider of healthcare in Clinton, Maryland, we will share helpful tips for managing high blood pressure:

  • Commit to a heart-healthy diet.

    A balanced diet of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and low-fat or fat-free dairy products can keep your blood pressure healthy. Opt for fresh, whole foods and limit processed and packaged foods. It also entails lowering your sodium intake and decreasing your intake of drinks that contain caffeine, such as tea, coffee, and soda.

  • Stay physically active.

    Regular physical activity can aid in weight management and lower your stress levels. Both of which are contributing factors to high blood pressure. To stay physically active, choose an activity that is enjoyable to you. It may be walking, dancing, birdwatching, or swimming. Go and talk to your healthcare provider about what’s safe and ideal for you before starting any exercise plan.

  • Follow your treatment plan.

    Your doctor will create a treatment plan that may include lifestyle changes and medicine to control your blood pressure. It’s necessary to follow this plan and to stay on your medication, even if your blood pressure improves.

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